Brand identity and marketing strategy - ZICSA




With over 20 years of experience operating in the mining sector, Zicsa has become one of the most reliable and trusted suppliers in the mining sector. They felt that after many years it was time to update their brand image and find new ways to connect B2B with customers within the mining industry in Peru and to showcase their contribution towards reducing waste and protecting communities.

Transforming Zicsa´s brand identity

Carambola worked with Zicsa in order to refresh the entire customer experience and brand image. We had the opportunity to meet Zicsa´s founders in order to discover many important aspects of the company´s history that were not registered before. We also decided that it would be a great opportunity for employees and clients to get involved and we created a unique portal where they could provide ideas and thoughts on a number of topics regarding the company identity.

New visual system and marketing material

We updated the visual system, including logo, brand book, internal communication pieces, and created a special marketing press kit and release template. We were also asked to develop the company profile and presentation, including a two-minute video showcasing Zicsa´s experience and commitment with the new security norms and with local communities.