Brand identity: Thika Thani


Thika Thani


After many years of steady growth, Thika Thani felt that the brand identity was out of date and undifferentiated. As they are a regional supermarket that works directly with producers, communities, and farmers, there were many cultural elements they wanted to include in the brand´s visual system.

Brand design and brand book

Equipped with a deep understanding of Thika Thani´s customers and employees, we worked alongside the marketing team in order to update the brand´s identity that included the communication style, values and personality. We worked with many regional elements that were also rooted in the different stories of Thika Thani´s producers.

Marketing and communication pieces

The new visual identity had to be embraced in all corners of the company, including digital media. We helped create a new in-store experience with all the visual elements that we created as part of the brand´s identity.