Rebranding, marketing strategy and web development COMESA




COMESA, a regional leader in metallurgical solutions, recognized that it needed to make some changes to better compete in the market and to be relevant to its customers’ evolving needs.  COMESA needed to clearly articulate its value proposition for the future, building on a new customer segment in the US market.

Brand identity

Having just recently entered the North-American market COMESA needed a better way to connect with American companies and showcase their best practices and portfolio. We worked with COMESA´s leaders in order to renew the brand image and develop an international marketing strategy.

  • New logo design
  • Brand Book
  • Graphic pieces: Brochure, company profile, press kits, and many other items.

Market analysis and communication strategy

We conducted an intensive research of the American metallurgic industry and analyzed the digital footprint of industry leaders. Based on this research we were able to plan a comprehensive marketing strategy that allowed COMESA to gain visibility and rapidly obtain new clients and extensive sales orders. (We used platforms such as Adwords and Linkedin)

New website

Our web development team took on the challenge to renew COMESA´s website in order to improve brand positioning and align the web with the new visual framework and image.