INDECOPI- Scaling and accelerating intelectual property protection




INDECOPI is the institution in charge of Peru´s patent programs and works closely with various institutions in the country in order to promote intellectual property development. They felt that their program and supporting communications strategies were not sufficient and recognized that it needed to make some changes to better promote the patent program on a regional level.


Carambola began by understanding user´s needs, concerns, and perceptions regarding the national patent program. This information was complemented by a deep understanding of search trends and how users came to experience the patent program on a national level.  We helped uncover revelatory data that helped define new marketing strategies and a new user experience for the most important touch points.

We also helped INDECOPI design a micro-targeted communication approach based on the specific needs and requirements of the principal regions of the country.  The use of data and a more comprehensive user experience, as well as the road map for strengthening marketing efforts, allowed INDECOPI to obtain better results, reaching twice the amount of patent registrations compared to years before.