Empowering marketing with customer data and insights




Eurthlin, a vegan luxury handbag producer based in Dubai, has recently started to expand sales across various countries.  In order to capitalize this growth and move outside the UAE market, the owners required detailed data and a deep understanding of consumer’s needs in the target countries in order to rethink how to create specific campaigns for each customer segment and more importantly, prioritize specific markets.


Carambola worked closely with Eurthlin´s owners in order to carry out an extensive digital study focused on 5 countries of interest (in terms of the company’s growth plans).

A key component of the study was to understand consumers needs and requirements across different cultures and market segments. From there, we outlined key customer insights, needs, and trends. We also conducted a detailed analysis of the different vegan handbag models that are searched for and analyzed their competitor’s digital marketing strategy (in search engines and social media).

Following the analysis of all the information that was recovered, we developed key strategies and a transformation roadmap to support Eurthlin´s growth plans so that their team could execute the strategy independently over time.