Brand renewal and web development


Carrier Enterprise Network Solutions (CENS)


As part of their growth plans, CENS wanted to renew their brand image in order to showcase new solutions and improve brand recognition in the telecommunications sector.

Branding and brand book

Carambola worked closely with CENS to first define their target audience—who they were and what their wants and needs are in the telecommunication sector. We uncovered fresh insights about this target.  Understanding this, we set out to create a stronger brand image, closely aligned to the primary technological themes and inspirations that CENS was looking to transmit.

The concept was to showcase «connectivity» at the heart of the new strategy.

Visual support

As part of the project, we designed and branded different communication pieces:

  • Corporate brochure
  • Presentation
  • Internal communication
  • Corporate memory
  • Graphics for Linkedin

Web development

We followed up the branding efforts and developed the new website for CENS.