Brand renewal and activation




ANDES partnered with Carambola to realize and activate its brand potential as an integrated company serving clients and consumers in the LATAM region.

Branding and brand book

After 3 years of carrying out various marketing challenges with Andes, this time they called us to renew their brand identity as part of their innovative business model. The new brand needed to target an executive customer segment in the LATAM region.

Carambola helped Andes evolve its brand narrative through both corporate and consumer-facing growth moves. We worked with the commercial team to develop a revised corporate brand and portfolio architecture, including a sub-brand called Air Cab, directed to a new customer segment.

  • Brand identity design and brand book.
  • Visual systems and supporting graphics
  • Press release kit (brochures, briefs, merchandising)
  • Campaign activation and media release
  • Helicopter branding
  • Booking system UX design

Helicopter external branding

As part of the project, we designed and branded all of the company´s helicopter fleet.

Booking system UX

We followed up the branding efforts and teamed up with Andes IT department in order to plan out the design of the booking system. For this, we conducted various workshops with the intend of understanding customer experience across the existing booking touchpoints. Following that analysis, we were able to come up with a unique design based on user behavior and requirements.


Various merchandising elements were designed as part of the brand launch and press day.