Brand creation: Culture ADP


Peruvian Airports (ADP)


ADP (Peruvian Airports) is currently in charge of the operation and maintenance of Peru´s regional airports.

With over half a million tourists using the airport´s services, they felt that it was important to create a cultural space where visitors could learn about Peru, in particular, the Pisco region which is one of Peru´s principal attraction points.  The brand «ADP culture» was created in order to bring to life ADP´s desire to develop a place inside the airport to showcase Peruvian culture. Carambola was given the challenge to bring ADP culture to life.

We took charge of the entire brand creation process including the development of promotional videos and specialized photoshoots.

Branding & Brandbook

Our team of experts worked alongside ADP´s specialists in order to create «Culture» aligned with ADP´s corporate identity. Since the company´s idea was to create a similar space inside all of Peru´s regional airports, we carefully crafted the look and feel of each exhibition room and created a logo in order to identify «Culture» in every airport.

The brand´s identity, architecture, and elements were carefully transmitted in a brand book. This document is a guideline that demonstrates proper brand usage,  including the right communication style, media layouts, and press rules.

Visual system and support material:

Various communication pieces were created as part of the project:

  • Brochure (english and spanish)
  • Banners
  • Press kit
  • Film and photos

A press video was also recorded in order to showcase the opening ceremony of the first exhibition room in Ica.