communication, collaboration & knowledge

Create a workplace that thrives on values and fosters collaboration

More human-centered organizations

Carambola can help you design a workplace environment where employees are genuinely engaged with the company´s values and purpose

Drive efficient communication efforts

We can help you create and design effective communications strategies and promote a healthy culture

Develop knowledge transfer methods

We work with companies in order to foster strategic knowledge sharing and break down silos that prevent knowledge from developing

Services we offer:

Internal communication outsourcing

Transfer partially or all of your organization´s internal communications functions.

Internal campaigns

Reach out to employees in more innovative, creative, and collaborative ways. Advance cultures that magnetize engagement and commitment.

Knowledge and collaboration

Our team can help you identify, develop and share strategic knowledge and a framework in order to make knowledge management a fundamental part of your operations.

App development and intranet design

Develop more innovative and collaborative platforms for your employees; we focus on usage and design.

Film and photos

We can cover events and deliver outstanding videos and corporate photoshoots.

Training and speaking

We can deliver and design specialized training events (offline and online) for your employees on various topics including: collaboration,  immersive learning, purpose and leadership.

Some of our case studies:

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