Can green marketing transform sales and drive better business results?

Green marketing balances business acumen with purpose; it helps build better brands and embrace new customer needs through impactful omnichannel approaches, including digital and traditional campaigns that seek to grow brand awareness.

The main purpose is to demonstrate the brand´s commitment towards a cause and how it’s helping develop a much better world. Green marketing will deepen connections with current and future customers, allowing the brand to take center place as an ambassador with a focus on evolving its approach to help raise awareness for a particular cause or problem in society.

There are also other strategies a brand may approach:

Lean practices: collaborating with employees in order to find ways to reduce impact. Companies can encourage workers to develop better practices and help raise awareness with their communities. Internal communications campaigns can contribute to this initiative.

Inclusive: Embed messages, images or accessories into products or services that tell customers their opinion and concerns count: using ecological packaging, showcasing testimonials from communities (from farmers or producers that were benefitted), or including easily recyclable materials that can help reduce waste are some examples.

Awareness: This strategy looks to openly speak out about a local or global cause, event, or challenges.

Modern green marketing also looks to understand the consumer’s needs in the most holistic way possible. It´s important to identify and understand how clients feel regarding a cause; discovering fresh, original, and strategic insights will help create better green marketing campaigns. It’s not enough to just know that they want to reduce their carbon footprint or that they support speciesism; you need to know “why” and what they really feel about what´s happening in the world.


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