What is Eco-Innovation?

Various brands around the world are channeling innovation efforts in order to address global challenges. Focusing on work areas where they can make the biggest difference has led to new ideas and products that consider “green initiatives” from day one. This type of innovation is known as eco-innovation.

Whether innovation efforts aim to deliver better products or improve delivery, packaging or the adoption of new materials, it´s important to demonstrate commitment in various ways: from the product launch, sustainability reports, social media or other forms of marketing efforts. A great example of eco-innovation comes from the New Zealand brand “Allbirds”

The company became known for combining organic materials (recycled bottles, castor bean oil and recycled cardbard) in order to produce footwear. Their shoes were the first ever to receive certification from the Forestry Stewardship Council.

Eco-innovation also aims to satisfy new consumer trends: green consumers are also most likely to build a “sustainable lifestyle”, meaning that they share a common concern for other issues beyond product or services. Things like wellness, healthy diets, and outdoor activities are also very relevant to them and brands need to find ways to connect with that lifestyle.


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