Meet the eco-consumers

Green marketing allows companies to focus on areas where they can make the biggest difference. This doesn´t mean setting aside sales goals; rather, it aims to find a balance between business acumen and purpose. It fosters connections, dialogues and helps cultivate a community of customers that can genuinely relate to the brand´s mission. Another important point focuses on developing the stories that demonstrate how the brand is helping society.

The last point is extremely important, especially when we consider the type of questions consumers ask themselves before proceeding to checkout. The most common are:

Do I like the product? Does it make me look good? Do I need it?

However, now we have another set of questions linked with environmental, social and community impact:

Is this product environment-friendly? Am I being responsible supporting the brand? Have animals being hurt in the process?

This new group of consumers are known as eco-consumers: they value the brand´s origins, processes, and everything a company can do in order to reduce impact. It´s all about belonging. Green consumers need to feel that their brands match their mindset. When we consider this, it´s important to mention that green brands walk the walk at every level: This means building a culture surrounding their cause, building communities and deep degrees of customer intimacy.

Although there is a certain number of consumers that are still not willing to pay the price of “greener products” (unfortunately, at times sustainable materials are more expensive and affect the final price), they want to feel that brands are actually committed to doing better and will support them.


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