5 ideas that will help your brand take on the digital challenge

An increasingly digital world requires brands to become digitally stronger. However, the path of adoption and transformation has not been easy. There are companies that have always moved more physically and today they continue to face the challenge of using digital tools.

These are some important considerations to keep in mind:

Your business strategy is the starting point

It is important to review your business strategy before deciding to go on the digital path. What actions should you take? What strategic issues must be addressed?  In many cases, marketing plans are conducted without having a clear business plan.

Market data and analysis

Having a website or presence in the Internet represents an important step but it is not sufficient to determine the degree of success of a digital strategy. It is important to know beforehand your marketing insights and to take decisions based on good quality data (behaviors, needs, keywords, popular content). If you include competitor insights, then you will have more valuable information to act upon.

Multi-platform presence

One of the big questions that companies and brands ask themselves is: Where should we place our digital efforts? Is it important to have presence in Facebook, Linkedin or Youtube? Although a digital market study can reveal more precisely which spaces are strategic, it is vital to mention that it is not necessary to be in all platforms. Mainly because we must understand what it means to be in each one (the strategies and investment in time are not the same) and identify those that will really allow us to achieve our objectives.

Company knowledge as a market strategy

2020 has strongly promoted a marketing strategy known as “content marketing” that is based on the publication of articles, posts or blogs that appeal to your customers. Beyond publishing general content, the evolution of this strategy has meant that companies begin to work more with their employees and subject matter experts in order to identify what knowledge is strategic and afterwards generate specialized content in the form of ebooks, presentations, articles, and other forms of content that can contribute towards the brand position. This helps build trust and tells customers that you have the necessary knowledge in order to tackle their problems.

Branding as a power tool

Without a well-developed brand identity, it is difficult to project a clear message. If we avoid branding, it is very likely that the communication framework and visual system will change constantly resulting in more expenditures and customers that grow unaware of your identity as a brand.


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